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The official Bwin gambling website app


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Bwin Sports is the official app for the Bwin betting house, one of the largest gambling websites in Europe with partners of the likes of Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and Manchester United.

Users of the official Bwin Sports app can bet on practically any soccer match being played around the world. Interested in the Czech Republic's Sub-21 league? Well, it’s there. Of course, so are all the matches from the Champions and Europa Leagues as well.

Bwin Sports obviously offers more than just soccer. Fans will find over a dozen different sports to bet on: basketball, tennis, handball, golf, table tennis, ice hockey ... you just have to go into the sport you want and start betting.

As usual, Bwin Sports not only lets you bet on a result but on several other combinations as well. In an FC Barcelona match, for example, you can bet on how many goals Messi will score, or how many completed passes Dani Alves will make. (This last one was a joke, betting on Alves's passes is an awful idea.)

Bwin Sports is a good official app that offers everything a gambling app should offer: bets.
By Álvaro Toledo